Teak Sealing Do’s and Don’ts

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Teak selling isn’t as simple as buying something down at the hardware store and slapping it on a deck or furniture.   You have to be careful of what can go wrong.  Teak oil, for example, is not the greatest thing to apply, regardless of what the ‘pros” say.

Teak Sealing: Don’t Use Teak Oil

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The teak already has oil in it.  In fact, teak naturally has one of the highest oil contents of any wood around.  Applying oil to a wood that already has an unusually high oil content operates under a dubious theory.  A little is good, so a bit more is even better, right?  Wrong.  You might as well buy into the idea of “Instant Discoloration.”  Trusting a label from a teak sealer with teak oil in it requires a lot of trust on your part.

You have to trust that whoever made the teak sealer really cares about your teak, and is not just out to make a buck.  You also have to believe that their guarantee doesn’t have loopholes big enough to drive trucks through. You also have to know what their special formula may contain that they’re not telling you.  It may contain a solvent or other chemical that could conceivably damage your teak.

Teak Sealer: Water Based is the Best

A water-based teak sealer is best, but even that is not a guarantee that it will do the job.  A lot of time with store-bought products is that they may be 100% safe for your teak, however, they may also only be 10% effective.  This means that you may find yourself applying teak sealer to refresh the coat on your deck or furniture almost constantly.   A lot of times, there are very few standards in place to protect consumers.

‘All natural,’ ‘organic,’ and ‘bio-degradable’ ‘are all buzzwords and labels that you may see slapped on the side of a bottle of teak sealer, yet they don’t really tell you anything.  Arsenic for example is all-natural, cobra venom is organic, and bio-degradable just means that it rots well.  It doesn’t tell you what it will or won’t do for your teak.

Getting the right products depends on a bit of research.  If you want to seal your teak in Orange County, you may wish to call in a professional that has already done the research for you.

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