Teak Sealing in Orange County: Preparing for Winter Weather

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Teak sealing in Orange County is necessary to protect your teak from the fog and other inclement weather that is common this time of year.

Orange County and Teak Care

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Teak refinishing in orange county

Being a temperate coastal desert, Orange County receives a lot of precipitation this time of year.  Rain is common from now until March, and in some cases, we can even have hailstorms.  Even rarer is the odd snowfall.  All of these things combined with the Santa Ana winds can cause damage to your teak.  That’s why it is important to be a bit proactive about teak care.  Why?  Well, teak is expensive.

One chair can run you as much as $600.  Replacing your teak, especially on something as big as a deck could run you into the tens of thousands of dollars depending on your square footage.  Following proper teak care steps can help you in the long run.  What is the best way to take care of your teak?

Teak Care Tips

First off, if you’re going to sweep your teak deck, always make sure you’re using a regular broom and not a hard bristled brush, particularly anything with metal bristles.  Teak, as we’ve covered repeatedly, has both hard and soft sections.  The soft sections of your teak can easily be damaged by a metal-bristled brush.  Sweep your deck lightly, and sweep outward towards the edges, never inward.  If you want to clean your teak deck with a hose, don’t use high pressure.  Again, this can damage the softer sections of your wood.  Use a regular garden hose, and let it dry naturally.  One thing that we highly recommend is that you seal your teak once a year or so.

Teak is easier than you think.  If you protect it, it won’t just last for years.  It will last for decades.  When in doubt, call in a service that does teak refinishing in Orange County.

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