Teak Sealing Part 1: Protecting Outdoor Teak From Man-Made Problems

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Teak sealing helps to protect your teak from a multitude of problems, both natural and man-made.

Pollution and Teak Sealing

Teak-sitting-chairs-afterIf you live anywhere in or near Orange County, California, as you’re aware, sometimes pollution is a problem. Because of being surrounded by mountains, Los Angeles has a pollution problem that spreads throughout Orange County as well as out east to Riverside.  The effects of pollution on one’s health are fairly well-documented, but what is the effect of air pollution on one teak?  

First off, there’s smog.  Smog is a combination of smoke and fog,  and it’s bad news across the globe.  One of the biggest problems of smog is that it is filled with particles.  These particles fall out of the air and start to land on any outdoor surface, including, unfortunately, outdoor teak furniture.  For a while, these particles don’t do anything, but after a while, they combine with grease and oil and form a film that can potentially damage your teak.  That’s one reason that you may want to seal your teak in Orange County.

How Does Teak Sealing Help?

After you clean your teak, you definitely want to get teak sealing done.  Teak sealing helps to protect your teak as well as make it easier to clean up.  If you get particulate residue on your outdoor teak furniture, with sealed teak furniture, all it really needs at that point is a good wipe down.

So, remember that your teak is more than decking or furniture.  It is also an investment.  As such, take care of it.  Clean it up every now and then, and refinish it as need it.  And after teak refinishing?  Get teak sealing done.

This concludes part one of our series.  Be sure to read part two as well.

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