Teak Sealing Part 2: Protecting Your Teak from the Weather

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Part two of a series on teak sealing explores how to protect your outdoor teak furniture from the effects of the weather.

Orange County and Teak Sealing: “Nearly Ideal” Weather

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Teak refinishing in orange county

Orange County is blessed with nearly ideal weather.  Notice we said nearly ideal.  During winter, we have some fierce storms sometimes, and we also have the Santa Ana winds in fall.  The Los Angeles area is a coastal desert valley, so all that moisture and wind has to go somewhere.  As a result, we get a lot of rain and wind.  If your teak is exposed to the elements and doesn’t have any sort of protection, soon even teak can start to show its wear and tear. That’s why you really want to think about teak sealing in Orange County

Make no mistake, however, sealing your teak is not a substitute for common sense.  If you know bad weather is coming, get your teak inside, cover it with a secured tarp, or secure it in a storage shed.  Why?  Well, in case you haven’t gone shopping for teak lately, it has gone up in price significantly.  While you can buy used teak fairly cheaply, new teak will run you several hundred dollars.

Teak Sealing Vs. Teak Refinishing

Teak sealing is a natural follow-up to teak refinishing in Orange County.  When you refinish your teak, it’s sanded to reveal the teak’s natural caramel color.  Teak is best when it is refinished.  Sealing teak after it has been refinished makes its beauty last.

So remember, teak is not something you want to replace unless you really want to and more importantly that you can afford to.  So instead, take care of your teak and one way to start is to do teak sealing.

Be sure to read part one of this series as well.

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