Teak Sealing: What To Do If You Have a New Deck

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Teak sealing is something that you want to do to protect an investment in your home, namely your deck.

I Have a New Teak Deck; What Now?

Teak cleaning

Teak restoration

When it is first put down, teak is a rich caramel color.  As we have covered before, when teak ages, it goes grayish silver.  To keep your teak at its original beauty, you need to take active steps to protect it.  The best way to start is to get a teak sealing service in.

If you want to seal your deck, and we recommend that you do it, particularly where new decking is concerned, do not try to do it yourself.  Why?  Well, a lot of sealing products out there are either oil-based or varnished, and both types of products cause a problem with your teak.  Oil can leave residue behind, and varnishes can make a teak deck slippery.

Why Can’t I Use Anything Oil Based to Seal a Teak Deck?

Teak is naturally oily.  This oil that is present in teak allows it to be highly slip resistant.  That’s why it is frequently used to make the decks of ships.  If you add oil, it saturates the wood and collects dirt and grime.  At that point, you’ll have to get a teak cleaning service in to clean it.

If you want to preserve the natural look of a new teak deck and protect the wood from “graying”, sealing a new wood deck is the best option. While many deck contractors do not want to seal a newly installed deck, you can still have it done anytime within the first 1-3 months of your new deck’s life.

There are many oils, varnishes, and polyurethanes on the market today.  Make sure you consult with your teak cleaning service before you get any of them.

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