The Ideal Teak Maintenance Schedule

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Teak maintenance is something you will need to do periodically to keep  your teak looking its best.  This article will explore the schedule you should follow.

A Normal Teak Maintenance Project

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If you have a new deck, as we covered in our last article, you will want to seal it within one to three months of it being installed. If you have an older teak deck, you will probably want to get it refinished, particularly if it has been a while.

Once your deck has been restored or sealed, then you have to think about and schedule regular teak maintenance  as this is the best way to keep the wood looking its best, while at the same time, protecting it from the elements. Deck maintenance is usually a light cleaning of the surface.  When there are irregularities present,  spot sanding may be used.  As a rule, that is often where it stops.

Regular Teak Maintenance: It’s Simpler Than You May Think

Regular teak maintenance does NOT usually involve a full deck sanding. If you sand a deck too much, you can cause damage to it.  While as a rule, southern California doesn’t have an extreme climate, it is a good idea to maintain teak decks annually to help it keep looking its very best.

If you wish to clean your teak yourself, remember, that less is often more.  Lightly sweep your teak and make sure that if you clean it you’re using a soft-bristled brush  as well as a neutral pH cleaner like dish-washing soap.  Make sure that if you’re cleaning that you do it on a sunny day, and let your teak dry naturally.

Teak is a wonderful wood in that it is very low maintenance.  If you take care of it, it will probably outlast you, as it can last for centuries.  The best way to keep it?  With regular teak maintenance of course.

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