Tips on Refinishing Teak Furniture

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Teak & Wooden Sunlounger

Teak furniture is a beautiful addition to your patio or deck.  As seen at, teak furniture comes in a multitude of styles and shapes to suit any taste and outdoor space.  However, without proper teak furniture maintenance, as seen at, teak furniture may not last and look beautiful year after year.

Some people try to refinish teak furniture themselves.  This is, of course, an option, but when you try to refinish your own teak furniture you may find that you do not have the right products or techniques.  Sometimes, it is better to allow a professional like Teak & Deck maintenance and restoration services as seen at to handle your teak deck furniture restoration.

How Is Teak Furniture Restored?

Depending on the damage that is done to the teak furniture, it may be necessary to sand and repair the furniture before sealing with Teak & Deck maintenance products as seen at  Pollutants in the air often leave traces on teak furniture and can even damage the structural integrity of the wood over time.  More often, pollutants such as salt water vapor, plant algae and chemicals in rainwater blacken or darken teak and leave blotches and streaks in its surface.  Further, sunlight has an eroding effect on untreated wood, drying it out and making it grey and splintery.

Fortunately, the experts at Teak & Deck Professionals have the right techniques and products to completely restore teak furniture to its original beauty.  Custom teak sealers lock in wood’s moisture and beauty, causing it to look beautiful for years to come.  With regular maintenance and reapplication, there is no reason why your teak furniture cannot last for generations.

After sealing, teak furniture needs to be maintained on a regular schedule.  Regularly cleaning and re-sealing the wood keeps it looking great.  Unfortunately, there are so many factors that go into determining the proper maintenance schedule that it is almost impossible to make one yourself.  At Teak & Deck Professionals, we calculate the right amount of time between treatments by observing where the furniture is placed, the amount of sun, rain and wind to which it is exposed and other factors that determine the proper schedule.

Call Teak & Deck Professionals for expert restoration and sealing of your teak patio furniture.  We can help you keep your furniture looking great!

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