Top Five Teak Refinishing Mistakes

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Through our extensive experience with customers, we have gotten quite familiar with the top things that people do not understand regarding teak refinishing. So without further delay, here is our ‘Top 5’ all-time list for the top teak refinishing mistakes, as witnessed by actual Teak & Deck Professionals customers:

  1. “If I don’t mind the gray, then there is no reason to refinish my outdoor teak furniture” – While we respect people’s taste regarding color, the weathering of unprotected teak wood will, over time, degrade the long-term sustainability of the furniture.  Mold, dirt, and bacteria will stay on and on the surface of the wood leading to all sorts of issues. The only way to ensure your furniture has a long life is to maintain it on a regular basis with a teak refinishing expert.
  2. “I’ll just clean it with some steel wool and soap” –  This is by far the scariest comment we hear or read in online teak refinishing ‘how-to’ articles.  Never, under any circumstances, use steel wool on your teak furniture when refinishing. Small pieces of the steel will invariably get left behind in the fibers of the wood and will rust with the first rain or water. This will leave orange spots all over your teak investment, without a remedy in sight.
  3.  “I’ll just cover the furniture to extend the time between refinishing visits” – Covers will protect your furniture from the dangerous sun but most covers will trap moisture leaving your teak vulnerable to mold spores, especially wherever the cover rests on the teak wood. If you do choose to cover between teak refinishing appointments, only use covers made from Kevlar which is breathable.
  4. “If my teak is sanded every time is refinished, I’ll end up with no wood” –  When we sand furniture during the course of teak refinishing, we are using fine grits and only removing the very surface of the teak wood that is no longer healthy. Rest assured, it is virtually impossible to significantly alter the overall structure of the wood only through sanding.
  5. “I’ll just wipe on some teak oil every three months as that seems to bring the color right back” – Teak oil may be one of the worst substances to treat your outdoor teak furniture with. It will darken your wood over time and, because of its sticky nature, will actually attract airborne pollutants to the surface of your teak. The first couple of applications will seem to work OK, but after that, you will have to completely strip the teak oil to return your teak to its true natural look. We only use the finest, penetrating teak sealers when performing teak refinishing, which can make all the difference regarding looks and sustainability.

We hope you can learn something from some of these teak refinishing mistakes that we see every day in our work. Most importantly, if you own outdoor teak furniture, trust your teak refinishing and maintenance to a reputable expert. At Teak & Deck Professionals, we restore, refinish and maintain more than 150 pieces of teak each week so rest assured we will handle your teak with the utmost care and attention.

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