Transparent vs. Semi-Transparent Sealers

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At Teak & Deck Professionals, we are committed to helping our clients understand the best ways to protect their investment in a hardwood deck or teak furniture.  We know that your deck and outdoor furniture represent a significant amount of money, so we want to help you ensure that you take the best care possible of these items.

What Is The Difference Between A Transparent and a Semi-Transparent Sealer?

A transparent sealer is one that is perfectly clear so that it does not change the appearance of your deck or furniture in terms of color.  However, a transparent sealer will often darken the tone of the wood slightly more than it appears dry and less than it would appear if wet.  It is important to realize that transparent sealers are designed to bring out the depth and beauty of wood, not to preserve their exact color before sealing.

A semi-transparent sealer, on the other hand, often contains some level of staining agent so that the color of the wood is materially altered.  This type of sealer is often packaged as a “stain and sealer” combination, making it clear that the color of the wood will change substantially when it is applied.

Which Is Best?

The purpose of a sealer is not to change the appearance of wood.  Rather, it is designed to protect wood from traffic, weathering, mold and mildewDeck sealers, for example, offer protection from rain, snow, ice or other weather conditions that can destroy the surface of a wooden deck in a short time.

The same types of protection are available from teak furniture sealers.  Clear sealers are a great way to keep teak furniture looking great, but it is important to use a sealer designed for this type of furniture and not traditional deck sealer.

Unfortunately, clear deck sealers are not as good at beating back the sun’s UV rays.  If you want UV protection for your deck, it is often necessary to choose a sealer with at least some degree of opacity.  This is the term for the inability of light to pass through the sealer.  Deck sealers and teak furniture sealers with a stain base are often good at protecting the deck or furniture from UV rays, but they will alter the color of the wood.

If you have questions about transparent vs. semi-transparent sealers or any other questions about teak furniture or wooden decks, talk to the experts at Teak & Deck Professionals!



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