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Teak furniture refinishing

Excellent Teak Restoration and Maintenance Services in Vista

Teak & Deck Professionals has long been trusted by residents of Vista for all their outdoor wood furniture and hard surface maintenance needs. Because of our extensive experience, we can provide every client with a one-off quote that we promise to deliver right to the end of each project. Our prices are also highly attractive which guarantees that you get great value for your investment.

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For reliable teak wood furniture restoration, you can always count on our experts at Teak & Deck Professionals. We have worked on various types of wood and refinished countless decks. Our team is highly proficient having had years of experience in this industry. For specialized restoration techniques and commercial-grade products, work with Teak & Deck Professionals today for all wood furniture and decks.

Teak Services in Vista

When you choose Teak & Deck Professionals for teak restoration, you can expect nothing but the best. Some of the common cleaning products and sealants sold at hardware stores can be harmful to your teak furniture. Here, our team only utilizes professional-grade cleaners that are safe yet highly efficient against mold and stains. Do not resort to disposing of your teak furniture it has grayed. Allow our experts to restore it back to its original condition.


How Our Teak Restoration Services Work

Skilled teak furniture restoration can make old teak furniture look new again. A successful restoration project requires knowledge of the characteristics of teak; it’s a tight-grained wood with a high amount of oil and silica. Products and tools must be meticulously chosen for this expensive wood.

Customers can count on Teak and Deck Professionals for Vista teak restoration because we’ve honed the process and know what to look for in every type of project. Also, sanding teak can be a challenge because the dust tends to be sticky and is a common allergen. We’re experienced in managing refinishing projects as well as the cleanup and aftercare of expensive teak furniture.

Here are some typical steps of our refinishing process:

Stripping: The wood is first stripped with an environmentally friendly, teak-safe product to remove any old sealants or oils.
Cleaning: Refinishing teak furniture starts with prepping the piece. If the item has been stained before, we’ll remove it. We’ll also clean the wood and make sure any mold or mildew is removed.
Sanding: Sanding wood helps it to look as like-new as possible. We choose different grades of sandpaper based on the condition of the wood. Sanding also helps to prep the teak for the next steps.
pH adjustment: We apply a pH-balancing product to brighten the wood and revive its appearance. This step opens the wood’s pores, which helps it to accept the new stain.
Sealing: The teak is treated with a sealant that helps protect the wood from UV rays, moisture, splashes, or spills. The sealer can have pigments to add a desired stain to the wood.
Wooden deck maintenance apply stain on decking

Deck Services in Vista

Decks are used as a spot where homeowners get a tan or just spend some quality time with their families. After prolonged usage, you may come to realize that your deck no longer appeals to you with its sheen. There may be some discoloration with daily exposure to the sun, rain, and other weather elements. Our team can refinish your deck to bring back its natural luster. No matter the type of wood used for your deck, Teak & Deck Professionals has the necessary skills and resources to restore it in no time. We also provide monthly maintenance to protect your deck from further deterioration, ensuring that it can be enjoyed for a whole lifetime.

How Our Deck Restoration Services Work

Some companies use sealants and recommend cleaning instructions to ensure that the wood used retains its color like when it was first built. However, the beating sun, rain, salt in the air, and even accrued buildup can all lead to so-called “weathering”. This can mean discoloration, raised wood grain, or other instances that will require future cleaning or deck restoration in Vista.

What you will need to ensure that your deck is ready for the next several years depends on its starting condition. For severely worn structures, you should consider working with a team that is knowledgeable of both the wood types and weather conditions commonly affecting deck maintenance in Vista. They will be able to walk you through whether or not you can get by with special cleaning and re-sealing of your deck, or if you may also need spots to be carefully sanded during restoration.

Hard Surface Services in Vista

We can help you preserve your hard surfaces, such as ceramic, marble, or concrete for it to be free of dirt and marks. Our deep cleaning restores the original luster of the hard surface and extends its life so you can raise the curb appeal of your property. Concrete staining allows you to modify the look of your home exterior without having to hack the hard surface which helps to save time and costs. This process also helps to keep the hard surface looking like new.

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About Vista

Vista is situated within the county of San Diego in California, United States. The medium-sized city makes up part of the San Diego-Carlsbad metropolitan area, with a population of 101,638. Vista was founded in the year 1882, and it was originally part of Rancho Guajome and Rancho Buena Vista lands. The incorporation of the city took place in 1963.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By checking on your teak furniture or hardwood deck each month, especially after its been a year since your last maintenance service, you can correctly time your next maintenance service and avoid the more expensive and time consuming process of a complete teak furniture or hardwood deck restoration.

Teak is naturally oily. This oil that is present in teak allows it to be highly slip resistant. That’s why it is frequently used to make the decks of ships. If you add oil, it saturates the wood and collects dirt and grime. At that point, you’ll have to get a teak cleaning service in to clean it.

Teak is an extremely popular choice for furniture and things around the house such as your decks and fences. Usually, the reason for staining fences is that it is starting to look faded and used after years of exposure to the outdoors. Re-staining your fence can be a tedious and cumbersome process to deal with yourself, so hiring a professional is a much better option.

Teak & Deck Professionals are ready to help you with regular maintenance for your outdoor deck, whether you choose teak, ipe, ironwood, managaris, redwood, or cedar for your decking material. We perform spot deck sanding after lightly cleaning the deck, then apply the right sealing methods to ensure that your wood is protected. We can offer you the best deck sealers available that will penetrate and protect your investment in your fine deck wood.

You can certainly restore and maintain your outdoor teak furniture or hardwood deck yourself, just like you can change the oil in your car or wash your windows in your home. But there are three major items that keep most people from going this route: materials, method, and expertise. We obtain only the best penetrating sealers not available at traditional big-box retailers like Home Depot or Lowe’s. We also have developed methods that allow us to do most of our work in ¼ the time any homeowner would be able to do the same. Lastly, our crews have done these hundreds of times, so they know issues to look for and ways to ensure a quality finish that only come with being an expert.

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