Care Tips For Teak Furniture

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Teak wood furniture stand on the terrace

Teak is an exceptionally durable hardwood that demands little care and maintenance to preserve its curb appeal and overall integrity.  This material is unique since it produces its own oil, making it very low maintenance compared to other wood furniture. Additionally, this oil prevents moisture from sinking into the wood – making it resistant to rotting and splitting.

The impermeability nature of teak doesn’t mean teak furniture should be left on the patio with no maintenance at all. With minimal care, teak pieces can remain strong and look good for decades. There are a few tips for teak furniture care every homeowner should know. They include:

Clean Regularly

Regular cleaning is one of the best ways of maintaining outdoor teak furniture. If you have time, clean it at least two times a week. Generally, teak furniture should be cleaned at least four times a month. To effectively clean this type of furniture and enhance its beauty and durability, give it a decent brush down using a stiff bristle brush. This removes dirt, leaves, cobwebs, and other debris that have built up on the surface. When doing this, follow the natural grain of the wood to avoid scratching the smooth surface.

Once in a while, clean your teak furniture with a solution of dish washing soap heavily diluted with warm water.. Let the solution soak into the teak for 5 minutes before cleaning it with a soft cloth or sponge.

Remove Spills Instantly

In case chemicals, oils, or anything else spills on the teak surface, make sure you clean the surface immediately. This will prevent staining. But when stains appear, you don’t have to panic. You can use a stiff bristle brush or plastic to clean the surface. Scrub while following the wood grain to prevent scratching. If scrubbing doesn’t help, add some wood cleaner diluted with  water and wipe the stain with a clean, soft cloth. For stubborn stains, use fine sandpaper to sand the area.  Avoid scrubbing pads and metal brushes since the surface and leave undesirable marks. Never use steel wool – enough said.

Move Teak Furniture Carefully

One of the reasons why teak furniture gets damaged is because of mishandling. If you have to move it, do it right and carefully. Don’t drug or pull it since this will erode the wood due to friction with the floor. The most effective way to move teak furniture is through lifting. If your furniture is too heavy, always get a helping hand when relocating it.

Place It in Normal Temperature

Even though sealing teak furniture can help it withstand anything nature throws its way, overexposure to hot temperatures can cause continuous drying and shrinking. Ultimately, cracks occur on the surface. To prevent this, avoid placing teak furniture under direct sunlight, especially if you live in a place with high temperatures. If you have to take your furniture inside during winter, don’t store it near equipment that emits a lot of heat.

Shield the Natural Oils

Teak has a naturally high oil content that gives it attractive qualities such as durability, look, and feel. Nonetheless, these natural oils deplete with time. To maintain these attractive qualities, you need to shield these natural oils from leaving the wood. There are many teak protectors in the market that can help you achieve this, but you need to do thorough research to get the best product you can trust.

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