Cleaning Teak Furniture – The Right Way!

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cleaning teak furnitureTeak is a beautiful hardwood that is tropical in nature and starts out with a golden honey color. It has become a prized wood for both indoor and outdoor furniture. However, as teak begins to get older and particularly when it has been out in the elements, there is a profound color change that takes place. The beautiful golden honey shade becomes a silvery gray. The wood is still strong and durable, but has a completely different look than it did when it was new. While some people prefer the silvery gray of aged teak furniture, others prefer to do what they can to regain the original golden shade of wood. One way to get back the original color is by cleaning teak furniture and then sealing it.

How to go about cleaning teak furniture

Whether your teak furniture is honey or silver-colored, cleaning teak furniture should be done prior to sealing it. It should also be done on a regular basis thereafter in order to maintain and care for your furniture. Most professionals recommend that you use a mild dish detergent or laundry detergent. You can use a soft
bristle brush or a sponge to remove the soil. It is important to remember that foods have oils and other
ingredients that can leave stains on wood, particular coffee, wine, condiments, and any oily foods, so your best option is to lightly sand those areas of the wood with fine grit sandpaper.

Professionals suggest that one should never use bleach, steel wool or a high pressure washing system when cleaning teak furniture, because only people who have been trained to use these items properly know how to do it without causing damage to the surface of the wood. Bleach can cause a discoloration to the finish, so should not be used. If you are worried about small mildew stains that can show up during cold weather or when it has been humid for a period of time, you can usually remove those with detergent or by lightly sanding the area.

When you are finished cleaning teak furniture, whether you do it yourself or have professionals do it, you should have a professional seal the wood with a penetrating teak sealer. Then, it is your job to keep an eye on the furniture and have it recoated with sealant when needed.  Keeping it cleaned and sealed will go a long way to protecting your furniture so you can enjoy that beautiful honey color for many years. Remember, teak restoration is much more difficult and costly than cleaning teak furniture on a regular basis and sealing it.

If you would like a free, no-obligation estimate on what it would take for one of our professionals crews to clean and seal your teak furniture, give us a call at 800-517-9362.  You won’t believe how good your teak can look!

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