More Teak Cleaning Myths

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Our last article was about myths regarding teak cleaning. This article continues this thread, as there is a lot of misinformation out there. Let’s start with citrus.

Why Anything Citrus-Based Should NOT Be Used in Teak Care

garage-door-after-800-1Myth:  There’s nothing like orange oil to bring out the natural shine in wood.  It can both clean your teak and make it shine.

Fact:  A teak cleaning service like ours knows this is incorrect for so many reasons.  First off, orange oil does make a difference on some wood, however, teak is not something you want to put orange oil on.  Orange oil works on woods such as walnut, mahogany, cedar, or maple.  All of these woods are designed to be indoors, so require different care than teak does which is outdoor wood.  As to why you don’t want to put orange oil on teak, teak has a naturally high oil content already, so applying orange oil almost guarantees that you will discolor your teak.  In addition, there is a trace amount of citric acid present in orange oil which will damage your teak.

Myth:  Lemon juice is a wonderful way to clean everything on your own, from your teak furniture to your countertops.

Fact:  While lemon juice can be effective as a cleaning agent in some areas of your home, it should never be used for teak cleaning.  Why?  Well in addition to being citric acid, it also has a tendency to stain and discolor your teak, making teak cleaning much more difficult later on.

Teak Cleaning: No Oil, Please

Myth:  Mineral oil works wonders with a teak cleaning

Fact:  Depends on what you term as a wonder.  If you term discoloration, ruining your teak, or unsightly stains as wonders, then this is correct.  Otherwise, like any other oil, it should never come near your wood or be used to clean your teak at any time.

As you see, sometimes people will unknowingly give you some bad info.  Make sure you know proper teak care procedures.

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