Teak Cleaning: Best Practices

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teak cleaning

Teak Cleaning

Teak Cleaning: A Good Invesment

Teak cleaning is something that helps your teak keep up its appearance.  Teak is durable, and one of the most popular hardwoods used in the world.  Originally from Southeast Asia, it is now cultivated throughout the tropical regions of the world. It is used to make everything from carvings to furniture.  Because it is very slip resistant, teak is used heavily to make boat decks.

Who Does Teak Cleaning?

Teak cleaning is best done by a teak refinishing company as they have all the tools and personnel necessary.  Usually cleaning jobs  involves a ph neutral cleanser, and a high pressure steam wash.  This helps to remove any embedded grit or dirt, particularly in traffic areas like decking.

Sometimes, sanding is in order, as is teak refinishing.  Each case is different, and the cost is minimal when compared to buying all new teak.  A simple teak Adirondack chair can run as high as $700. With that in mind, it is obviously better to take care of your teak rather than replacing it.

Teak: Cleaning and Care

If you follow proper teak care procedures, your teak will last a very long time, and still keep looking as beautiful as when you got it originally.  Mop up any spills immediately, or better yet get your teak sealed. Never varnish your teak or oil it, as it can ruin the wood.  A lot of products out there are actually harmful to teak, so be very cautious, or call in a pro instead.  Never paint or stain your teak, as when you do either of these things, it often can’t be restored back to its original shade in the event you change your mind.

Teak is actually easier than most people may think.  It has a high oil content that allows it to be outside a lot, and it lasts a very long time.  However, just because you can leave it in the rain doesn’t mean that you should.  You don’t want any improperly treated wood to crack.  Above all else, get in touch with the right people to help you, namely a teak refinishing company in Orange County

Teak & Deck Professionals is a California based company servicing Southern California.  Give us a call at (800) 517-9362


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