Drew Isaacman


Concrete Sealing and Staining Part 3: Final Thoughts

How Often Should You Clean Your Concrete? Part three of a series on concrete cleaning explores some final ...
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Concrete Sealing and Staining Part 2: Clean it Up

Part two of a series on concrete cleaning focuses on how to clean concrete. How Do I Clean My Concrete? ...
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Staining your concrete

Concrete Sealing and Staining Part 1: A New Look for Your Concrete

Part one of a series on concrete cleaning focuses on concrete staining. Why Should You Get Concrete Staining Done? ...
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Teak & Wooden Sunlounger

Tips on Refinishing Teak Furniture

Teak furniture is a beautiful addition to your patio or deck.  As seen at http://www.houzz.com/teak-furniture, teak furniture comes in ...
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Teak & Deck Professionals Expands to Three Full-Time Crews to Meet Growing Demand

Sometimes being too busy is a great thing!  At Teak & Deck Professionals, we recently expanded our personnel ...
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Teak & Deck Professionals Adds 1,000 Maintenance Customer

Teak & Deck Professionals is proud to announce that we just added our 1,000th customer who trusts us with ...
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Teak Sealing Part 2: Protecting Your Teak from the Weather

Part two of a series on teak sealing explores how to protect your outdoor teak furniture from the effects of ...
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Teak Sealing Part 1: Protecting Outdoor Teak From Man-Made Problems

Teak sealing helps to protect your teak from a multitude of problems, both natural and man-made. Pollution and ...
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Teak Maintenance 101

Between service visits it is a good idea to enact a program of teak maintenance.  You can do ...
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