Teak Deck City

Transparent vs. Semi-Transparent Sealers

At Teak & Deck Professionals, we are committed to helping our clients understand the best ways to protect ...
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Table Chairs

San Diego Teak Refinishing in the Summer Months

This time of year is especially trying for San Diego Teak Refinishing. Why? With the season's warmer temperatures, ...
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Teak Sealing Part 2: Protecting Your Teak from the Weather

Part two of a series on teak sealing explores how to protect your outdoor teak furniture from the effects of ...
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Teak Sealing Part 1: Protecting Outdoor Teak From Man-Made Problems

Teak sealing helps to protect your teak from a multitude of problems, both natural and man-made. Pollution and ...
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Teak Sealing in Orange County: Preparing for Winter Weather

Teak sealing in Orange County is necessary to protect your teak from the fog and other inclement weather ...
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Teak Care Part 2: Teak Deck Maintenance

Part two of a series on teak care explores the proper care of decking.  Be sure to read ...
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Teak Care Part 1: Teak Furniture

This three-part series explores some general advice on teak care and maintenance. So, let's begin. Should I Seal ...
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Teak Sealing: What To Do If You Have a New Deck

Teak sealing is something that you want to do to protect an investment in your home, namely your ...
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Teak Refurbishing and General Teak Care Tips

Teak refurbishing is a low-cost alternative to replacing your teak.  Why?  Well, as we have said in an ...
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