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Teak is a popular choice of material for outdoor furniture thanks to its charm and durability. Recreational facilities such as golf courses make use of teak to style various outdoor elements for their clubs where members can rest and relax. Due to constant foot traffic and exposure to weather elements, teak furniture can easily deteriorate in quality if not cared for. At Teak & Deck Professionals, we offer exceptional teak restoration services which can help maintain your teak furniture to last over an extended period of time.

Outdoor Teak Furniture Services for Golf Courses

Teak furniture is a common addition to the outdoor setting of most commercial sites including golf courses. Teak not only improves the aesthetics of a location but is also able to withstand various external elements like heat and moisture. However, it will still show signs of aging over time until proper maintenance techniques are applied. At Teak & Deck Professionals, we offer restoration services to remove mold and other stains and restore the original appeal of teak. We handle sanding and sealing to get your teak furniture looking as good as new much longer.

Our main aim is to restore the natural charm of your teak furniture without using any harsh chemicals or techniques. Our experts will explain the series of steps that will be performed for every project to give you a rough idea of how each restoration job is delivered with expertise.

Hardwood Deck Services for Golf Courses

Hardwood is yet another outdoor element that you will commonly see being integrated at a commercial venue. It is naturally durable which appeals to most facilities including golf courses where high foot traffic is to be expected daily. Despite its toughness, its exterior will still deteriorate in quality if no proper maintenance is put in place from time to time. At Teak & Deck professionals, our experts make use of techniques that can help your hardwood deck regain its natural shine without the use of any harsh chemicals. Our methods are much gentler but highly effective on hardwood to produce lasting results even with no pressure jets.

Upon engaging our services, you will have peace of mind knowing that our experts are well-versed in every aspect of a hardwood deck restoration. For other types of flooring, simply discuss with our team to work out a suitable restoration plan.

Why Golf Courses Should Choose Teak & Deck Professionals

Teak & Deck Professionals is made up of a team of experts who possess ample skills and field experience to deliver top-notch restoration results. Every project that we have undertaken in the past is comprised of satisfied clients who highly recommend our services. We work according to your schedule to prevent unnecessary downtime that may incur losses to your business operations. Regardless of the type of wood that needs to be worked on, our team has just the right knowledge and expertise to get it looking like new again. Send us a request for a quote and let us work with you to restore the natural charm of your golf course.

Want to learn how we can clean, restore, and seal teak furniture for golf courses? Feel free to request a quote today.