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If you work or own a business in the hospitality industry, providing a relaxing experience for guests is a must. Your customers are looking for a space to relax and unwind. Nothing does this better than an outdoor space with high-quality outdoor furniture. Ensuring that your outdoor teak furniture is in superb condition is what we do at Teak & Deck Professionals. We have restored thousands of pieces of outdoor furniture and this gives us the experience needed to transform your hotel’s or resort’s outdoor furniture. Call us today for a quote.

Outdoor Teak Furniture Services for Hotels and Resorts

Ensuring that your resort’s outdoor furniture stays in top shape helps to prolong its overall service lifespan. It also improves the aesthetics of your hotel. Teak is a unique type of wood that neither rots nor warps. This makes teak perfect for outdoor furniture as it is not easily damaged by rain and the Sun.

Over time, any outdoor furniture can be damaged by mold, mildew, and other natural effects. Given the density of teak furniture, mold and mildew rarely penetrate deep into the wood. However, they can ruin its surface and give it a dull, unpleasant look. With outdoor teak furniture services from Teak & Deck Professionals, you can maintain the appearance of your teak or IPE furniture with ease.

Hardwood Deck Services for Hotels & Resorts

If you have invested in a deck made of expensive teak or other hardwood, it is a good idea to hire a top-notch maintenance company such as Teak & Deck Professionals. Some hotels and resorts often decide to use high-pressure water to clean their teak decks. The problem is that the furniture often develops bumps on the surface that need to be constantly sanded down. While you can use water to clean your teak deck, the water pressure should be low. You must also ensure that the end of the hose is at least 12 inches away from your deck which further reduces the force of the water.

To keep your deck beautiful and strong for many years, you should choose to hire our professionals to maintain it. We have access to special chemicals that are more effective (and safer on your deck surface) than you can typically find in your local store. We also have years of experience that enable us to know how to fix your deck quickly and effectively.

Why Hotels & Resorts Should Work with Teak & Deck Professionals

Having worked on over 10,000 pieces of furniture and over 1,000 decks, we are experts when it comes to teak and deck maintenance. Unlike other competitors, we can give you an accurate quote on the phone the first time you call us. At Teak & Deck Professionals, we can help restore and maintain all kinds of wooden furniture, fences, and more. As a hotel owner, you will be pleased to know that our services are available at very competitive rates, thus assuring you of great value for money.

Want to learn how we can clean, restore, and seal teak furniture for hotels and resorts? Feel free to call us for a phone consultation. You may also request a quote online.