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Teak furniture is known to add style to any restaurant. If you have an outdoor sitting area, you can safely use teak furniture as it is barely affected by the elements. Even though teak furniture can withstand a lot of exposure, it requires proper care to maintain its luster for a long time. This is the reason why many restaurant owners engage Teak & Deck Professionals to maintain their teak furniture. We are highly experienced and our teak professionals will easily restore the luster back to your teak furniture.

Outdoor Teak Furniture Services for Restaurants

Teak is a highly popular wood for making outdoor furniture because it can withstand moisture, rain and is virtually rot-proof. This is because teak is extremely dense making it very hard to be destroyed by termites. This however does not mean that your outdoor teak furniture will remain unblemished forever. Teak can be affected by a variety of things including mold which gives it a dull color. To restore its natural color, it becomes imperative to bring in experts such as Teak & Deck Professionals.

We remove any areas that have been damaged by mold, sand it down to perfection, and then apply professional-grade sealants to make your outdoor teak furniture last longer.

Hardwood Deck Services for Restaurants

While hardwood is naturally strong, they are not completely indestructible and therefore needs regular maintenance. Restaurant owners or their staff sometimes clean their outdoor deck using harsh cleaners or even just water under very high pressure. All these activities can destroy your hardwood deck. If you want to keep the natural luster on your hardwood deck, you should call Teak & Deck Professionals to help.

We use effective yet gentle materials to keep your hardwood looking as great as the day you bought it. We also advise restaurant owners to avoid cleaning their hardwood deck with high-pressure jets of water. Instead, you can apply the water from a distance and with reduced pressure in order to avoid damaging the wood. Apart from teak and other hardwoods, Teak & Deck Professionals is able to maintain other kinds of wood, ensuring that your wooden decks, railing, and other areas of your restaurants maintain that great look.

Why Restaurants Should Choose Teak & Deck Professionals

At Teak & Deck Professionals, we focus on ensuring that you get the best service possible. You can depend on our experts to handle your delicate furniture properly and to restore its original luster. We have restored thousands of furniture pieces and we have the expertise to restore your wooden furniture.

Our experience allows us to be able to give you a one-off quote. This means that you need not worry about the price changing in the middle of the project. We understand that you need to keep your restaurant open and so we plan carefully to ensure that the work does not disrupt your business operations.

Want to learn how we can clean, restore, and seal teak furniture for restaurants? Feel free to request a quote today.