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Office buildings offer various spaces for office workers to hang and chill during their breaks or to have a chat with clients. To increase the appeal of these areas, it is common for building owners to place teak furniture due to its attractive appearance and ability to withstand various external conditions. Without proper maintenance, however, teak furniture can still deteriorate. At Teak & Deck Professionals, our team of restoration experts can clean, restore, and seal teak furniture and other hard surfaces. We can help maintain the beauty of your office through these specialist services.

Outdoor Teak Furniture Services for Office Buildings

Teak is a highly durable and long-lasting material. However, that does not mean that it does not suffer from any damage. It may still lose its visual appeal after extended exposure to external elements. You can save costs by restoring your teak furniture instead of simply replacing all of the furniture pieces. Teak & Deck Professionals offers top-notch teak cleaning and restoration services. We start by first cleaning and removing the top layer of the teak furniture by sanding it to get rid of mold and dullness before giving it a shine by using an industrial-grade sealant.

Deck Services for Office Buildings

Ipe, Mangaris, Teak, Redwood, etc., are common deck materials due to their strength and aesthetics. After prolonged exposure to foot traffic, decks may lose their vitality and needs restoration. Office maintenance staff are often seen spraying decks with a pressure washer to reduce their dullness. However, this process is not recommended as a long-term maintenance technique. The high pressure of the water jets may damage the surface of the deck that will eventually cause cracks to form.

At Teak & Deck Professionals, our restoration specialists utilize proven techniques that can maintain the quality of your deck during the restoration process. Our cleaning solutions are gentle enough to ensure that we do not damage your deck while cleaning it.

Why Office Buildings Should Choose Teak & Deck Professionals

Teak & Deck Professionals aims to deliver exceptional services and top-notch solutions that can help clean and restore your teak furniture and hard surfaces. The techniques used by our restoration specialists are effective and will not cause your furniture to deteriorate further. We are competent in our job and are always on time to keep the maintenance period of your office building to a bare minimum. We are also experienced in the restoration sector which allows us to provide you with a one-off quote that will not change halfway through the assignment. Our team works efficiently to prevent causing disruptions to the operations inside your office building.

Want to learn how we can clean, restore, and seal teak furniture for office buildings? Feel free to request a quote today.