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Outdoor teak furniture can add a punch to the décor on your deck. If you are a satisfied owner of teak furniture, it is important to note that these items require proper maintenance to last a long time. If you are new to this type of wood, you may find keeping that amazing look year-round is slightly challenging. Don’t worry; Teak & Deck Professionals has experience maintaining, restoring, and refinishing teak furniture and decks. Our team will help protect your investment and ensure that it continues to beautify your home. We deliver results that are nothing short of amazing.

Outdoor Teak Furniture Services for Homeowners

Also known as Tectona Grandis, teak is incredibly dense in nature and stable timber. That is why this wood is perfect for outdoor furniture. Natural teak varies widely in color from deep brown to golden amber to blonde. In addition to being strong and durable, teak is smooth to the touch and does not rot or warp.

Some homeowners prefer to keep their teak furniture untreated to achieve an elegant, warm, and silvery gray layer. If you do not like what the salty coastal fog, rain, or sun does to your outdoor furniture (i.e., gray/black streaks and mold), Teak & Deck Professionals can refinish it to perfection. In fact, our team is trained to refinish teak, IPE, hardwood, and virtually any type of wood furniture, deck, or outdoor structure.

Hardwood Deck Services for Homeowners

High-density tropical hardwood species like teak and IPE are hardy, strong, and long-lasting. Therefore, it is common for people to believe that nothing much needs to be done after installing their decks or outdoor structures. It is true that these wood species have remarkable physical properties, but they are still natural wood products that require maintenance.

There is a tendency for homeowners, however, to over maintain their teak furniture and decks. For example, some people scrub with harsh acid cleaners and brighteners. These environmentally harmful products can cause significant wear and tear to the wood, compromise caulk seams, reduce the service lifespan of the deck.

Whether you have chosen teak, redwood, mangaris, ironwood, or IPE for your decking material, Teak & Deck Professionals can meet all your restoration and maintenance needs.

Why Homeowners Should Choose Teak & Deck Professionals

Our company has an in-house team of teak restoration and maintenance experts. We do not engage subcontractors to service our clients. When you set up an appointment with Teak & Deck Professionals, you can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that we do not change our prices after sending a quote. Our teak restoration experts know exactly what work goes into each type of job, allowing us to accurately price our clients’ teak restoration projects.

At Teak & Deck Professionals, we also offer a wide array of teak sealing and refinishing services beyond traditional decks and furniture. Our other areas of expertise include home exteriors, fences, gazebos, front entrance doors, and more. Because we are headquartered in Carlsbad, our company serves a diverse clientele all across Southern California.

Want to learn how we can clean, restore, and seal teak furniture for homeowners? Feel free to call us for a phone consultation. You may also request a quote online.